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Dalian Local Features

Fashion Festival

Dalian Local Features -- Fashion FestivalThe annual Dalian International Fashion Festival is one of the most influential international theme events in China. For the past decade, the festival has been attracting the world's top fashion designers, business men and models to Dalian. 

The festival, usually celebrated in September, comprises of various theme activities including the Garment Export Fair, fashion exhibitions, fashion competitions and a model contest. The festival really brings in the crowds, mainly to see the fashion shows and new design releases.

At each of the Fashion Festivals, there is always a grand and attractive opening ceremony and an artistic evening performance at the stadium. Every opening ceremony attracts thousands of mass performers and even more of an audience.

The Dalian International Garment Fair is a major economic trading event and part of the Fashion Festival. Each year, hundreds of traders and enterprises are invited here to conduct business negotiations, the level of exhibition and the volume of business increasing over the past few years. 

Through joint efforts of organizers and the participation of exhibitors and traders, it has become a well renowned international garment transaction fair.


Dalian Local Features -- FootballAs China's foremost football city, Dalian is to China what Liverpool is to the UK, Real Madrid is to Spain and Juventus is to Italy. All the citizens in Dalian pride themselves on the football team--Dalian Shida Football Club. 

Since football became a professional sport in 1994, the team have won four championships out of the total six, an achievement that the people of this part of northeastern China are not likely to let you forget.

The achievements of the team are impressive and were not achieved overnight. The training base of this team has been growing for many years, and is now second to none. 

Many of Dalian's children join the youth football club as early as five or six, and these up and coming stars are sure to keep the club well up the league tables for many years to come. 

Football dominates this city like no other place in China: kids having a knock about in the street, students racing around rough muddy campus grounds and taxi drivers giving discounts to football fans are common sights. If you get a chance to see the training base, or even better get to see a match, this pervasive spirit will hit you and is sure to impress.

Dalian Bathing Beach 

1. The bathing beach of Xinghai Park: It is one of the four great bathing beaches and situates in the Xinghai Park that is located at the middle area of Dalian Xinghai Gulf Spot. The shore-line is more than 800 meters long, and the total dimension of the beach is 41,000 square meters, while the sands is 22,000 square meters, which is combined with the grits and the pebbles. The bathing beach puts the comprehensive administration system in practice, equipped with the complete service facilities.

Transportation: Taking the Bus No.23, 406, 28, and Trolley Bus No.202, or the Sightseeing Bus No.801, 901, then get off at Xinghai Park Station.

The Entrance Fee: RMB10 ( free of charge for those soldiers during their term of military service and members of revolutionary martyr's family)

2. Fujiazhuang Bathing Beach is situated in the Fujiazhuang Park of the central Dalian Harbor Spot. Its shore-line length is 450 meters and the average breadth of the sands is 31.5 meters. By reason that it is far away from the industrial and the medical districts, the seawater here is seldom polluted and looks very bright and clean, of which the sand quality is very soft, with the wide square. This bathing beach has been installed with a large multi-functional seawater swimming pool of 3,000 square meters' dimension, where there is one pebble road of 260 meters' long on purpose of massage, 18 high-pole fountains and 100,000 square meters' green land.

Transportation: Taking Bus No.702, 5, 541 and getting off at fujiazhuang station.

Ticket Price: 6:00-18:00, RMB5 for adult, while RMB2.5 for students; 18:00-22:00, RMB3 for adult and RMB1.5 for students; additionally, the ticket price for one year is RMB30, and the quarterly price is RMB15,while the monthly price is RMB10.

3. The Wooden-Club Bathing Beach: It situates in the east of the Dalian Seashore Spot, owning 75 meters' long beach, when tide ebb, the beach breadth could come up to 35 meters, while its total dimension is 26,200 square meters; when tide flux, its width would reach 16.2 meters, and the dimension becomes 12,100 square meters. The beach is composed by the homogeneous little pebbles, and the water quality is very clean, without any pollution. 

The undulating mountains surrounding the bathing beach are decorated with dense woods and rapid cliff, forming the graceful environment and beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, it has executed the closing and synthetical management, setting up a series of complete service equipments, such as the locker room and shower apparatus, etc.

Transportation: By virtue of no any buses getting there directly, you could take Bus No.713 and get off at Shanping Street Station, then going there by Taxi, which will spend you RMB10 more or less.

Ticket Price: RMB20

4. The Golden-Sands Bathing Beach: It is located in the west of the Seashore Road in Dalian city( very near to the Xinghai Square), and it draws near the Fujiazhuang Bathing Beach. The seawater here is blue and bright, with excellent water quality, meanwhile, the fine sands sifted by artificial process, felt soft and tender, which has very high comfort exponent for human body. On this beach, you could enjoy the wonderful night scenery of the light bathing place, what is more could take the bicycle on water, to make a sense of stimulation.

Transportation: Taking Bus No.702, 5 and getting off at Silver Sands Station, You will spend about RMB10 on Taxi near the Xinghai Square to arrive there.

Ticket Price: RMB2.

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